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Presenting you a fascinating array of artists who have graced the Indian heartland with the pulsating rhythms of their splendid dance performances.

Talent, versatility, devotion, passion – the words that well describe Dr. Deepti Omchery Bhalla, the leading exponent of Mohiniyattam. A true artist at the core; she is a unique combination of singer and dancer, well-accomplished and talented in both. Click Here to know more.

An artist incomparable; Mr. Sivan Namboodiri stands out as the remarkable exemplary of dedication, relentless determination and an all-encompassing love of the art. Click Here to know more.

A distinguished practitioner of Odissi; Ms. Sujata Mohapatra made her initial foray into the dancing arena in her early childhood. Born into a rich cultural background, she grew up in an artistic environment that delicately nourished her creativity and brought out her innate interest in dance. Click Here to know more.

Kalamandalam Rajasekharan has been a Kathakali artiste for the last 35 years. He has done his specialization in female roles in Kathakali. An accomplished Kathakali artiste; he has been teaching the dance form at the Kerala Kalamandalam for the past 25 years. Presently, he is the Professor and Head of the Faculty of Kathakali (Southern School). Click Here to know more.