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“I was very much impressed by his understanding exposition of the very difficult technique of Abhinaya.”

- Bharatanatyam Exponent, Smt. Rukmini Devi on his role as ‘Arjuna’.

An artist with an exceptional mastery over ‘Abhinaya’; Mr. Sivan Namboodiri is at complete ease with whichever mythical character he portrays. Whether it is the valiant prince Rama in Shoorpanakhangam or the handsome and spirited Arjuna in Subadradananjayam, his immaculate facial expressions and hand gestures bring out even the infinitesimal emotions of the characters with perfect artistry. Dressed in brilliant costumes, his Koodiyattom performances, no doubt, exude the same intensity, delightful vivacity and fiery radiance of that of his mentor, Guru Paimkulam Rama Chakyar. The ten-headed demon Ravana in Jadayuvadham is one of his favourite characters. His exhilarating performances are a visual treat for the aficionado of arts.